Atlas Style Guide

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Running on Localhost

If you need to add or change styles in this gem, first get a local environment set up:

  1. Clone down the gem to your local machine
  2. Run `bundle` from the gem root
  3. Fire up jekyll by running jekyll serve --watch

You now have the site running in your browser on localhost:4000

Adding new Styles

  1. Create you own feature branch
  2. Implement your style by tweaking the CSS and checking the documentation on `localhost:4000`. Do not work from the specific Atlas
  3. Rails app by updating the gem constantly. All new styles should be developed using the `docs`, and should be independent from a particular application.
  4. When ready, bump the version number in `lib/atlas_assets/version.rb`, and send a pull request to the master branch.
  5. Bump the `atlas_assets` gem version in your apps `Gemfile`, run `bundle`, and use the new styles.